Mrs. Klawonn -First Grade- Jeffery Elementary


Weekly Homework

-Homework Checklist -Every Monday in your child's Jeffery folder will be their homework checklist for the week. Please keep this at home in a safe place as it will not be returned until Friday. The homework checklist is basically a list of activities for your child to complete during the week at home with your help. Not every item needs to be done everyday - just make sure you have worked with your child on each of the activities listed at some point during the week. As you work with your child, you will discover which skills they need more work on and which skills they have mastered. Please make sure to sign your child's homework checklist (and fill in their name) and send it back in their Jeffery folder on Friday.

-Spelling Words and Tests  - Your child will have weekly spelling words to study. There are two different types - high frequency words and pattern words.

 *High Frequency Words -The 6 weekly high frequency words are taken from the District's first grade word list which is comprised of 100 words that your child should be able to read and write by the end of the year. A large percentage of these high frequency words are what we refer to as "wacko words" or "rule breakers" as they do not follow fundamental spelling patterns or common phonetic sounds. These are often called "sight" words as they cannot be sounded out - you have to know them when you see them. These are also very common words that your child will encounter all the time when reading.  

 *Pattern Words-Every week, we will be working on a different spelling pattern. This pattern will be listed on the Homework Checklist your child will receive on Monday. You will NOT see a list of the exact pattern words that will be on the test. What you will see is a list of 12-16 words that have the spelling pattern in them. Please make sure your child can read and write these words that contain the spelling pattern.  Being able to recognize these basic spelling patterns will enable your child to more easily decode and write unknown words.


Here is a list of goals/academic challenges for the 2018-2019 school year. Goal for it!


Reading - 20/20 Reading Challenge - Read for 20 minutes for 20 days each month. Hand in the completed log each month to be eligible for our end of the year celebration!